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Flyability Elios and Expanse Bundle

End-to-End solution for inherently safer unmanned confined space inspection

Flyability Elios and Expanse Bundle

End-to-end management of drone-based industrial inspection data

The Flyability Elios is the ground-breaking drone for access to complex and confined spaces where manned entry is not possible or desirable. Expanse is the world leading software for end-to-end management of drone-based industrial inspection data. Flying beyond line of site in complex geometries requires sophisticated organisation and benefits greatly from intuitive relay of information discovered. Flyability and Sky-Futures provide you with the Elios drone and Expanse software for a complete solution for data capture, processing and distribution to all stakeholders.

Buy the Elios and Expanse Bundle to receive a 17% discount on the Expanse software subscription price. You pay only USD $4,980 per year instead of the RRP of USD $6,000 per year.

Elios and Expanse

End-to-end management of drone-based data for confined space industrial inspection

Publishing content securely in the cloud in a 3D environment gives all stakeholders rapid, intuitive access to otherwise complex information. Users can get access to the deepest information typically in two clicks of the mouse with no ambiguity. This gives your organisation or customers actionable data at their fingertips.

Inherent Safety

Unmanned entry to confined spaces protects people and reduces risk

Capturing high quality data sets and giving all of your organisation eyes on critical, inaccessible environments whilst reducing risks. Watch the case study to see the benefits available from the Elios UAV with Expanse inspection software


Inspect & Explore

Discover the first collision-tolerant flying robot, designed for industrial inspection professionals. Allowing for the first time access to complex, obstructed and indoor environments, Elios is unleashing the potential of drones in a number of applications where their use was previously too dangerous or simply impossible.

Elios Benefits

  • Lower Downtime

    Decrease downtime and inspection costs, avoid confined space entry and increase worker safety by remotely accessing boilers, tanks, pressure vessels, tunnels and other complex environments inside your plant.

  • Easy to Pilot

    No piloting experience needed. Simply unpack, insert the battery and fly without risk of collision, damage or injury. The drone is capable of taking off and landing in any variety of environments.

  • High Resolution Imagery

    Elios is capable of delivering images up to 0.2 mm/px, even in complete darkness. Along with its LED lighting and thermal imagery, it inspects and explores the unreachable.

  • Safe for Humans

    Thanks to its protective cage, Elios is safe to fly close and even in contact with humans and the surrounding environment. It can thus be used when the plant is still in operation without any risk of impact or injury.

Elios and Expanse Bundle Discount

Get a 17% discount on Expanse when you buy the bundle

Pay USD $4,980 per year instead of USD $6,000 per year for each seat.

Buy the Elios drone and Expanse subscription today